League meet



Cass Benton

The League Meet is coming! West has had a great season so far with an undefeated record of 4-0. West will be part of hundreds of kids competing at Cass Benton on October 18th after school. 

 This season four West runners have broken into the top ten times in West history: Annabeth Hazlewood (8th grade), Jack Caveney (6th grade), Juan Lazeki (6th grade), and Stella Stotz (7th grade).

The League Meet will be held at the challenging Cass Benton course. The course is known for its hills and trails through the woods. It is a true cross-country course.  

Coach Wooster stated the best way to perform your best is to ”Work hard at practice, “Continue to stay healthy”, “Eat well”,  “sleep well”, 

“Drink a lot of water.” 

Coach Wooster recommends that runners go to Cass Benton and check out the course.

If you’re not a runner you should go cheer the runners run on. If you want to support your fellow West students, wish them good luck before the meet and make a poster for the Bulldogs. 

Cass Benton is located in Northville, MI 48168

Run, Bulldogs, Run!