People with Disabilities are Humans Too!


This is the autism awareness symbol. Autism Awareness is in April.

Melina Bekiares, reporter

Neurodiversity. Google defines it as differing in mental or neurological function from what is considered ‘typical’ or ‘normal’. This is not true at all. People are different from others. No one is ever truly ‘normal’. We all have our difficulties. We need to put an end to bullying because of neurodiversity. 

Maddox, a 13-year-old 7th grader who is homeschooled, gets bullied sometimes but also has a lot of friends. “He gets treated differently in good and bad ways too. (It is) Good when people are amazed by him and want to be his friend. (It is) Bad when people don’t know how to be his friend or how to help him,” Maddox’s mom states.

People with disabilities don’t always get treated like other people. They often get treated like they are younger than others or get bullied for being different. Sometimes people with disabilities struggle to communicate well with other people, so they get called ‘annoying’ or ‘dumb’ as if they don’t know much. They get laughed at for things that make them upset. Their reaction gets laughed at or mocked. 

Sometimes people with autism can get angry, or afraid, and you need to be there for them and understand their feelings. Most people without autism don’t understand what it is like to have autism. Most people with autism will sometimes act differently than others, but this doesn’t mean they should be treated differently. Their autism does not impact how intelligent they are or how aware they are of what is going on around them. 

 “(Autism) affects (Maddox’s) learning in good and bad ways. (It is) Good that Maddox can memorize things easily and become an expert in some things. (It is) Bad that it takes him longer to understand and some things don’t make sense to him.” Maddox’s mom and his friends try to help him as much as possible. 

Maddox, people with autism, and several people with different kinds of incredible abilities are not aliens. Treat them like ordinary people, because they are great friends, and will never betray you.