Have you ever wondered what it would be like to join journalism in 7th grade?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to join journalism in 7th grade?

Melina Bekiares, Reporter

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to join journalism in 7th grade? Journalism is a very enjoyable class and I’m sure you’ll like it. Here are a few reasons why.

To start, in journalism, you can write about anything you want as long as it’s news-related. It can be school updates, world news, sports news, etc. You can also write about different topics, like opinion articles, (Students Weigh In On The Best Jolly Rancher Flavor, by Alyssa Demeester) News articles, (Stella The Dog, The Mascot Of Stella’s Black Dog Tavern Passed Away on September 1st but Her Legacy Lives On written by Melina Bekiares, Genevieve Gladd, and Melina Makled) Sports news, (No. 1 Basketball Recruit in The Nation Commits to Michigan State by Lucas Lichtner and Carson Burke) (You can also update on football and basketball games.) or features (Anything else!)

There are also comics you can create about anything you want. You can create a hand-drawn comic about a dog’s favorite foods (Food (Featuring Norm) By Ellia Williams) Or you can create a comic made on google docs if you’re not good at drawing. Mr. Not So Smiley and The Beezzzz By Wyatt Stabnick and Dylan Seror. You can even do a Friday Five, if you like interviewing people in person. In journalism, you can do anything imaginable, as long as it’s news related!

 Genevieve Gladd, a former journalist who wrote articles, states that journalism was really fun. “Journalism was really fun, I really liked it.” She states. “Since I really like writing, journalism was really fun. You got to work with people you wanted to and you got to write about things you wanted to write about.” 

I almost forgot to mention that you can write articles or make a video with whomever you want! It’s really optional whether you want to work with someone, but I suggest you do as long as you do your work. 

Managing your time in journalism is very important though because an article or comic should only take you a day. If you are interviewing someone for your article, or for the Friday Five, make sure you do it in advance so you can schedule the timing and date that you are meeting for the interview. If you are interviewing middle schoolers for the Friday Five, then you can do it in the hallway at lunch/recess and it should only take you a couple of minutes.

“Managing your time in journalism is definitely important because if you don’t then you might not finish your article on time, and you’d have to work on it next week, and then you might not finish that week’s article.” Genevieve states. If you goof off, then you could fall further and further behind and fail the class. However, if you do your work, it should only take you a day or two, and then you will have time to do whatever you’d like. 

Overall, journalism is a really amazing class, whether you are writing articles, drawing a comic, or doing the Friday Five, it is a really memorable experience and you will make a ton of new friends that you’ll keep for ages. I miss it already. Mrs. Horvath is also very fun and you throw a party with cupcakes every Friday! (If you finish your work, that is) I hope you enjoyed reading my article about journalism. It is a great class for young people who love to write, draw, and most importantly, have fun!