Men’s March Madness tournament causes chaos with multiple upsets


Liam Korte, reporter

The 2023 Men’s March Madness tournament has been just that: Madness. With multiple first-round upsets, every College Basketball fan has been left in a state of shock. Some of the most shocking include (15) Princeton beating (3) Arizona and (13) Furman beating (4) Virginia. The most shocking, in my opinion, (16) Fairleigh Dickinson beating number (1) Purdue.

Let’s start with number (16) Fairleigh Dickinson beating number (1) Purdue. This was shocking for many reasons first, Fairleigh Dickinson was only the second 16-seed in the Men’s tournament history to beat a 1-seed. It was also shocking because arguably the best player in the nation Zach Edey was a non-factor. 

West student Simon, when asked if he enjoyed the madness happening during the tournament, “Yes I really do because more upsets are more entertaining and make for a better tournament.” In addition, when asked if he was shocked that this is happening, “Yes it is crazy that already there are so many upsets.”

So far, the tournament has been really entertaining and everybody seemed to be embracing the “madness”. Who do think will be the next upset in March Madness? Who do think will win? Comment below.