Detroit Lions Makes History with 5 Primetime Games


Detroit Lions kick off the NFL season by taking on the reigning Superbowl Champions, Kansas City Chiefs. 


In the opening game of the 2023 NFL season, The Detroit Lions play the defending Super Bowl Champs, the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football. The game is set to take place on September 7th. The Chiefs are favored to win, but I think that the Lions can handle it.

In week 4, the Lions head to Lambeau to play the division rival Packers on Thursday Night Football. The Packers lost their projected hall of fame quarterback last off-season. This should be an easy win for the Lions but anything could happen.

In week 8, the Lions take on the Raiders on Monday Night football in Detroit. The Raiders lost the one consistent in the organization over the past few years in Derek Carr. They also lost one of the best tight ends in the game in Derren Waller. I think the Lions have a good chance of winning this one.

On Thanksgiving, The Lions play the Packers again. This time they play in Ford Field at 12:30. I think that this should be easier than last time because the Lions have a home field advantage and speedster wide receiver Jameson Williams comes back from suspension.

In week 17, the Lions take on the Cowboys on Saturday in Dallas. Dallas cut ties with Ezeklil Elliot and acquired Stephon Gilmore and Brandon Cooks. I think that this will be a very tough matchup for the Lions and I think they will ultimately lose.

Alex West 7th grader,  said his favorite game would be, “The Chiefs game because it would be a very entertaining game for the fans and I like the Lions chances. I think the Lions could go 10-7.” 

The Lions schedule promises for some good games this season. Comment what you think the Lions record will be and what your favorite match up is.