Christmas Broadway Spectacular’s Opening Night!


Meredith, Lillian, and Ceci

The Christmas Broadway Spectacular is in full swing! Many cast members are excited about this year. The show is a little different each year.  Last year, there was a pun about free shipping for Mrs. Clause’s sauces for cookies. This year’s pun is Grinchton Ramsey. The puns are different every year, but the show is always fun!

Lillian Stache, a 6th grade and cast member says, “I love all of the countries he (Santa)  visits!” 

Santa visits the beautiful countries of Russia, Yugoslavia (Sarajevo), Egypt, and Italy. All of these scenes contain beautiful dances. The Russian scene is acrobatics with flips and turns.  The Sarajevo scene is contemporary ballet and lyrical. The Egypt scene is also acrobatics, and the Italy scene is ballet. 

Lillian Stache adds, “ I am an opening number walker, robot, a penguin, and I am also in Russia, which is a dream come true.” Lillian’s robot costume is silver and shiny with a sequin headband and the robot dance included a new move where the dancers all had to complete a back bend in a row, it looked really cool. Oh, they also got study!

Looking in at Santa’s Toy Shop, or where Ellie needs non-high heels the holiday joy is spread around the world. Spend some time with friends and family that,  truly make the season bright!

Robot dancers practicing.