West Middle School demolishes the First Tech Robotics competition!


Bionic Bulldogs after receiving 2nd place trophy

Aiden Przeslawski, Reporter

Not many people may know the WMS robotics team, but they certainly made a performance on May 13ā€™s competition! Both teams (The Bionic Bulldogs and the Iron Dogs) made it to the finals, with Bionic Bulldogs placing 2nd in the qualifiers and the Iron dogs being picked by the top team from 15th place.

The top two teams in the qualifying round can pick two other teams to be a part of their “alliance.” The two alliances face each other in the final, and the best out of three separate matches wins. The Bionic Bulldogs automatically qualified in 2nd place for the blue alliance, and the Iron dogs were chosen by the top team and were a part of the red alliance. The red team won the first round, followed by the blue team winning the next. The red team won the final round with a blowout of over 150-50, and the Iron dogs won first place.

It was an amazing performance all around, with the Bionic Bulldogs pulling their second and third trophy in only two seasons, and the Iron dogs winning the best result in a competition for WMS. Both teams spent all season preparing, and for West to walk away as the most decorated school from the competition is a feat exclusive to this season.Ā 

With the Bionic Bulldogs just coming back from their state competition early this year, and the Iron Dogs perfecting their Robot, hopes on both sides of the coin were high for this spring competition, and both teams walked out rewarded! Congratulations to both teams for making it so far into the competition!